Are you an actuary working in the field of defined pensions? Or a financial rep with corporate clients who have a defined benefit pension plan? Then you should be offering  Pension Driver(TM)  to your clients.  We’ll make it easy and profitable for you to do so.

Our reseller benefits include:

  • Create stronger relationships with your clients.  The more services your clients have with you, the stronger your relationship is with them.  Once Pension Driver(TM) becomes an integral part of their corporate services it becomes extremely difficult for them to move to another advisor that doesn’t offer this service.
  • More money for you.  Not only are you going to be able to show your clients how to reduce costs and increase services, you’re going to receive an ongoing revenue stream as a result.  We are able to either direct bill the client at our normal retail rates and provide a commission, or we can direct bill you and leave all direct client billing to you.
  • Stand out.  This is the first reseller program of it’s type in North America.  Get onboard and distinguish yourself in front of your clients with services they aren’t receiving from your competition.

If you think our reseller program may be of benefit to you, please call Glenn, toll free, at (866) 779-1513.