Pension Driver

Welcome to Pension Driver™ – Our solution to reducing costs and freeing up your time.

Pension Driver is an online defined benefits calculator for direct use by your employees. Our hosted solution allows members to receive their own defined benefits estimates on the fly, at their convenience and without the involvement of the HR department. Save money and reduce your workload. Your employees simply login to Pension Driver on their own time and run their own estimates.

Pension Driver provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce and control costs.  Our low ‘per employee’ pricing model gives you a fixed monthly cost model no matter how many estimates are run.  Need 10 estimates this month?  No problem.  Need 1000 estimates?  There’s no additional charge.
  • Remove HR employee overhead.  No longer do your HR employees need to manage requests from employees and coordinate with external consultants in order to receive defined benefits estimates. Get rid of the follow up and many of the ongoing questions surrounding your defined benefits pension plan.  Simply provide your employees with a login and let them run their own estimates.
  • Provide additional value to employees. Not only can employees receive their estimates immediately, they can run unlimited estimates at their convenience.  Rather than making this an on the job task, they can relax and run estimates as well as receive an explanation of their benefits and options, from the convenience of their own home after hours. And because estimates are unlimited, employees now have the additonal benefit of running all the ‘what-if’ scenarios they want at no additional cost.

Take it for a spin! Just click here:  Pension Driver demo and login with a username of ‘admin’ and a password of ‘admin’.

Pricing:  $1.00/month/employee for the first 250 employees.  $2000 initial setup. Volume discounts for larger plans.

Like more details?  Feel welcome to contact us for a demo and pricing.